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Why WHO Must Explain the Chemical Components of Covid-19

By Maazi Obinna Agommuo

This morning I woke with mixed feelings after chewing over the revelations unveiled in the course of an online meeting last Sunday. “Viruses are not living things” reechoed Prof. Cyril Otoikhian, a Professor of Genetics and Animal Breeding. So a group of persons sat and created a Coronavirus codenamed Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease- 2019) and the world attention is diverted from reaching the root cause of the virus. The Propagators issued statements saying that Covid-19 has no cure and that it may live with us for a life time.
In Africa, the people are panicked to their bone marrows because of the lies they are told about Covid-19. Every other ailment known to humanity, killing people before now have suddenly disappeared as Covid-19 takes the center stage. The people are helpless as their so called leaders continue to campaign in favour of Covid-19 causing every faith the people have in humanity for survival to fade away.

So, as Africans, I ask, are we not at liberty to ask pertinent questions about this Covid-19 pandemic? For the fact that we are part of the global economy does not make us a rubber stamped race, that the west must reason for us, tell us when to act and when not to act. It’s very sad.

If Viruses are not living things, have we bothered to ask who created the viruses that were ascribed to Africa before now? Why do we chose to follow the multitude as though we have no brains of our own?

Why is it that before now dead bodies were allowed autopsies to be carried out on them to ascertain the root cause of their deaths? Why is Covid-19 different? Why is the World Health Organization, its allies and agents willing to even fight anyone who questions the machinations that gave birth to Covid-19? Why are our African scientists not allowed to probe the cause of Covid-19 by carrying out the analytical surveys by way of Autopsies? Why is there so much secrecy and why are our many African leaders following the West sheepishly, commanding their own followers to do the same?

Only this morning I received a USAID document referring to 10 African countries, including Nigeria as “high risk countries for the spread of Viruses”, asserting that these viruses originate from the Wildlife in Africa. The USAID is offering a $100 million grant, calling on African bodies in those countries outlined in their document to send in reports on how to “STOP the spill over and amplification of viruses.”

To me, this is the greatest insult to the African race and would warn that Africans are getting smarter and wiser by the day. However the lack of education and miseducation of the African mind is the greatest and most contagious virus that we need to fight. I know that if we at ESGADIA say no to such offer coming from one of the allies of the World Health Body, others will grab it with open hearts and open hands notwithstanding the degrading nature of such an offer to Africans. Money, they say rule the world.

Recently there was a publication that tried to link Covid-19 to the wildlife in South-Africa. What that means is that if this cultured chemical weapon codenamed Covid-19 had not escaped from the Wuhan Lab and they succeeded in bringing it to Africa, Africa would have become the originator of the Virus, and just imagine what would have become of Africa today.

So, as we continue to applaud the world bodies; W.H.O, USAID, CDC, UN and their allies for pretending to be bringing aids to Africa, let it sink into us that these organizations are not our friends and are not happy that we still live and occupy the continent.

Let it be known that the dream of the West is to wake up one morning to discover that Africans have exited the continent so they can move in. They don’t love us Africans but ironically, they are in love with Africa as the pasture is greener in Africa but we the occupants don’t seem to recognize that fact.
Africa wake up and spot thy enemy.

(Agommuo writes from Abuja)

Written by ExpressDay


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