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Trump moves to file suit challenging Biden’s victory

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump‘s personal lawyer, has vowed to file a lawsuit Monday to challenge the conduct of elections officials in Pennsylvania – in statements made just moments after network analysis and projections showed Democrat Joe Biden had secured the electoral votes needed to win the White House.
In comments laced with allegations of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Giuliani, speaking in Philadelphia, alleged that the Trump campaign was deprived of the ability to watch the ballots being processed. 
He said the campaign would make similar allegations in other states that could lead to a “massive nation-wide lawsuit.”

“We were deprived of the right to inspect if a single one of those ballots is legitimate,” Giuliani said, making a claim that so far been unsupported by any evidence.
 “That is unheard of, it’s illegal, it’s unconstitutional, and we will be bringing an action challenging that”, he added.
ABC News reports that the Trump campaign has now brought multiple similar charges into court since Election Day – in Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania — and all but one of the cases has been rejected.
In Pennsylvania, a state judge ordered election officials to allow observers to move closer to poll workers, but a federal judge refused to halt the count based on the claims.

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