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Stop defaming my ex-Service Chiefs, Buhari warns PDP

President Muhammadu Buhari says that he nominated recently retired Service Chiefs for ambassadorial positions because of their excellent track-record, so the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) should stop defaming them for that.

He made the explanation and issued the warning in a statement issued on his behalf by presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, on Saturday.

The President said that he was rewarding the military chiefs for their exceptional sacrifice to the nation and that such nomination to become envoys was a “transition (that) is normal in decent democratic societies”.

He refuted speculations that the nominations were intended to shield the retired rednecks from prosecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for human rights violations in the war against insurgency and insecurity in the country.

The statement flayed the PDP for trying to pillory the development because the party had no moral grounds to do so having failed to secure the nation for the 16 years it held sway, in addition to military invasion of civilian Zaki Biam and Odi communities in glaring instances of human rights abuses.

It reads: “The Presidency wishes to dismiss the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) attack over the widely praised nomination of the former heads of the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Military Intelligence to the Senate for confirmation as non-career ambassadors.

“This transition is normal in decent democratic societies.

“But the newspapers and online media are full of pages of laughable criticisms of the President and former Service Chiefs by the party, the latest of which was the false claim that they were nominated as ambassadors so as to shield them from trial by the International Criminal Court, ICC.

“How on earth can decent people run down hardworking professionals who have put in their best to defend their country? How can you run down your country and equate that with normal political dialogue and opposition?

“What is baffling about this false and baseless assertion is that this is coming, not from Boko Haram terrorists who the military kept largely in check and confined to a known section of the country, Sambisa, but from a so-called leading opposition party that fraudulently kept power for 16 years and is nursing the hope of one day returning to office as an elected government.

“What is more, under these corrupt politicians the insurgency conquered large swathes of territory-18 Local Government Areas.

“Pray, if a political party, in a blind search for power can spurn the interest of the nation, embrace the language of hate campaign against the country’s military as enunciated by the terrorists, as the PDP does, what will be left for the Boko Haram to do? PDP is doing Boko Haram’s work!

“We live in an evidence-based era for arguments. If the PDP has evidence of rights abuse against the military in the war against terrorists, wouldn’t it be beneficial to the nation that they publish such evidence instead of levying grave accusations without proves? And to ask, in whose interest are they making these accusations that lack any depth?

“To add, we don’t think the ICC, which these childish calls are being made needs to be lectured on democratic values and human rights by the PDP. Who are they, and what is their record in office to lecture anyone? Zaki Biam and Odi where thousands of citizens were on record, the genocide operation comes to mind. Did they report themselves to the ICC?

“PDP’s attacks on the ambassadorial nominations should be seen in the context of the opposition party’s track record as a university of liars, whose modus operandi is to propagate lies.

“The President is rewarding hard work and exceptional sacrifice by a set of military leaders who gave their best to the nation and will be remembered, sooner than later, for their contributions to the security and survival of Nigeria as one nation. They should be allowed to move to the next level.

“This is so that their examples will help to inspire others if given the opportunity to serve.”

Written by ExpressDay

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