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Insecurity undermining my administration’s progress – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has declared that the unending cycle of violence across the country had slower down his administration’s policies and programmes meant to uplift the citizens, especially the most vulnerable.
He bared his mind in New Year message broadcast this morning to usher in 2021, in which he also acknowledged the rights of critics to slam his government for under-performance in the security sector.
Buhari said he did not begrudge people with such views as long as they criticise him with the best interests of the country in mind.

He affirmed that the  persistence of various forms of violence has threatened the fabric of inter-communal harmony woven through years of investment of effort at building trust, mutual respect, and harmony in the most affected parts of the country.

He therefore, conceded that insecurity as a challenge had direct repercussions on the national economic stability, growth, and development, setting the nation back at critical points through the destruction of public and private investments.
His words: “In parts of the country where chronic poverty, social exclusion, and disillusionment among sections of the youth were already a problem, the cycles of violence that have been unleashed by mindless groups like Boko Haram and others have thwarted the efforts of government to undertake the social policy and associated investments that could make a huge difference in the quality of life of our citizens.
“I am aware that for some of our compatriots, the progress we have registered since the inception of this administration is not nearly as fast or as sufficient as they would wish. I do not begrudge them their views in so far as they signify a wish, in which we all share, for only the very best for our country.
“Nevertheless, I call upon all Nigerians to carefully recall the circumstances of our coming to office, the facts on the ground and the resources at our disposal since 2015 with the accomplishments of this administration.”

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