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Insecurity in Kaduna: Has Gov el-Rufa’i failed?

By Hassan Zaggi

The fragile security situation in Kaduna state has become a source of concern to many. Most worrisome are the senseless killings of innocent and defenceless residents of remote communities in different parts of the State.

Although the insecurity situation in Kaduna State predates the Nasir el-Rufai era, it is however, puzzling how the situation has become worse in his reign.

For some of us who have followed Governor el-Rufai closely since his days at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), we felt being the Chief Security Officer of Kaduna state, things will fall in the right places considering his antecedents. Unfortunately, it seems we were not right.

No doubt, Nasir el-Rufai, to some of us, is a go-getter. He always insists on doing something when convinced within him that it is good for the people even when he is misunderstood by the same people he is working for their interest.

He, has, over the past few years, gained our applause for taking some decisions that only the courageous can attempt to take.

Since he took over the mantle of leadership of the State, Governor el-Rufai, has changed the traditional institution which was at the verge of being destroyed. He has made some progress in the health sector. In the area of education, despite the many faults in lack of proper approach, he has made some considerable progress.

However, in the area of provision of security for the residents of the state, being the Chief Security Officer, Nasir el-Rufai has failed.

From Birnin Gwari to Kaju local government. From Jama’a to Sanga and the Abuja-Kaduna expressway, the story of insecurity where innocent people are killed or kidnapped almost on a daily basis is an indication that Governor el-Rufai has lost control and eventually failed woefully.

It is shocking and annoying that the daily killings of Adara people are still ongoing. Kajuru local government where the Adara people are the majority, has not known peace for close to two years now. It is surprising that the el-Rufai-led government has not been able to get a permanent solution to the crisis.

One is, therefore, tempted to believe the assertion by many (either rightly or wrongly) that the state government is interested in the continuity of that crisis.

For example, just last week, the leaders of the Adara community disclosed, in a statement, that 20 persons have been killed by, as usual, unknown gunmen.

According to the President of the Adara Development Association (ADA), Awemi Dio Maisamari: “The terrorist/jihadist war on Adara nation has continued ferociously in 2020. There were daily attacks and destructions from Monday to Thursday in the remote settlements of Magunguna, Idazo, Ungwan Galadima, Ungwan Guza, Etissi, Ungwan Ma’aji, Ungwan Dantata, Ungwan Araha 1 and 2, Ungwan Goshi, Ungwan Shaban, Ungwan Jibo, Ungwan Maijama’a, Ungwan Sako, Ungwan Maidoki and Ungwan Masaba.

“These are all satellite settlements of Kallah, Libere and Gefe towns. As at this afternoon (Friday), no fewer than 20 persons were killed. Several others are injured or missing.”

It is also painful that the residents of some remote villages in Jama’a local government area can no longer sleep with their eyes closed, let along to go their farms.

Also, few days ago, just before the killings of the Adara people, residents of the Ungwan Ajo, a remote settlement in the Godogodo axis were killed, their houses burnt and property worth millions of naira destroyed in the night, still, by unknown gun men.

As at the time of the putting together this piece, there is no known action taken to permanently halt the killing by the Nasir el-Rufai-led government.

The questions most residents of these affected areas are asking are: When will the Kaduna state government garner the political will to put an end, once and for all, to these senseless killings? Or is the el-Rufai-led government overwhelmed by the security challenges in the state? Is the government having a hand in the killings? Why is it taking this long? And many other questions.

Time is counting very fast. Very soon, the tenure of Governor Nasir el-Rufai, will end. Definitely, it will end in 2023. He must work fast to resolve the crisis and put an end to the Adara killings, and indeed, all killings in the state so that generations yet unborn will not come to know him as a failure in terms of providing security for his people.

Residents of the state must also support the government and security agents with the needed intelligence to enable to them do their part.

Written by ExpressDay

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