By Danmaryam Zayamu

Women who are 40 years old have been advised to under a mammogram at least once in two years. However, those who have history of cancer in their familied should do it once in a year.

Mammography is the process of using low-energy X-rays to examine the human breast for diagnosis and screening.

The goal of mammography, according to expert, is the early detection of breast cancer, typically through detection of characteristic masses.

Delivering a lecture at a ‘Dance against Cancer’ organized by a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), Project Mum in partnership with Project Pink Blue, in Abuja, weekend, Assistant Director Nursing Services at the National Hospital, Nanre Mampak, advised women that under the age of 40 can do what she called self- breast examination.

According to her: “Those who are under the age of 40 can do what we call self breast examination which is meant for any woman who have grown breast.

“This process is carried out by a woman two to three days after her menstrual circle. This is because the hormones that participated in the menstrual circle have gone down and so the breast tissue have returned to normal.

“If you do it before your menstruation, it can cause unnecessary panic. Even if you are not having a lump, because of the changes that take place before your menstruation, it can make you fear thinking it is a lump while it is not.

“Perfect timing is 2-5 days after menstruation, you do your-self breast examination.”

She lamented that most cancers that kill women globally is the breast cancer.

Breast cancer, she explained, is an abnormal growth in the cell that forms the breast tissue and that it occurs when there are promoting factors that go into the system and find their way into certain areas where they have the power to change the normal growth pattern to an abnormal grown system.

The medical personnel, however, warned that the promoting factors for breast cancers include “smoking cigarette, the way and food we eat, obesity, hereditary.

“We also have environmental factors, for example, pollution and exposure to radiation..

“The good thing is that if you are checking your self and doing the needful, cancer is not a death sentence. It can be stopped.”

Responding to questions from journalists, the Founder, Project Mum, Terngu Duncan, explained that the ‘Dance against Cancer’ was a charity dance in honor of her late mother who died of cancer early this year.

The dance is aimed at creating awareness to families who are currently suffering from cancer.

“This is because after my mother died, I came to understand that there is no much awareness about cancer in Nigeria and there is no support for the families.

“I know how difficult it is emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and all that. Dealing with cancer can drain ones account flat. I know the effect it has on families.

“Up till now my family is trying to pick up the pieces. So I know how families that are battling with cancer are passing through so I decided to stand in the gap for them.”

On why her NGO decided to partner with Project Pink Blue, she said, “We are working with Project Pink Blue because they are already into cancer advocacy for a long time. My main focus is the families just to support them.”

Earlier, the Acting Executive Director, Project Pink Blue, Emeka Nwagboso, said that his NGO decided to partner with Project Mum in order to increase the level of awareness so that families that are battling with issues of cancer can also understand.

“I lost my father to cancer last year, so I understand their challenges in trying to battle this disease and we are behind Project Mum in trying to achieve this,” he said.

He, however, noted that Project Pink Blue has recorded some successes in its advocacy for cancer treatment over the years in Nigeria.

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