Advocating support for Dr Abubakar Abdul-Dzukogi, Rector, Fed Poly Bida.

By Mohammed Baba Busu

There is no doubt, the appointment of Dr Abubakar Abdul Dzukogi as the Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Bida in 2015, has been a huge blessing to the institution and its community.
This is sequel to the way and manner he has, with the support of the management and staff, brought uncommon transformation to the institution.
As a humble and God-fearing man, the Rector has pulled the institution from the shackles of stagnation and backwardness to the path of prosperity and accelerated growth.
Keen observers of the happening in the Polytechnic are of the opinion that the institution has taken a new shape with the accreditation of many new courses and the introduction of new ones because of improved capacity of the institution.
The academic departments have also been expanded to 31 from initial 21. Four new faculties have also been created.
This singular step has contributed in lifting the status of the institution to its ranking as the 5th best Polytechnic in Nigeria.
Findings have also showed that the institution is collaborating with some institutions, including Federal University of Technology Minna and the Kwara State University Malete, to run some degree programmes. This, according to many, will bring university education to many residents of the area who hitherto could not go far to study.
As part of efforts to impact on the immediate community and also empower residents of the state, the Rector brought an initiative that saw to the construction of  a Shea Butter Shed for women at Ekosa village in Lavun Local Government Area of the state.
This will, no doubt, improve the economic status and engender entrepreneurial attitude in residents of the area. 
This and many other innovations contributed in the reappointment of the Rector for another four-year term last year.
The institution has a financial house (Micro Finance Bank) to ease the suffering of its immediate community during financial transactions.

 The Rector also recently equipped the Polytechnic’s medical facility to handle health cases.
The Rector was instrumental to the take off of the Standard 89.3 FM station in the institution in order to improve the study of Mass Communication.
Being a guru in Mass Communication, the Rector believes that having a radio station in the school will greatly improve the skills of students who study the course to become better communicators in the future. 
He has been able to attract the support of TETFUND which constructed staff offices, lecture halls as well as a befitting  administrative block
Working tools/implements were also distributed  to blacksmiths and glass workers at Dokodza and Tswatamukun areas of Bida Local Government Area under his watch.

The newly-created departments include those of Physics, Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences, department of Legal Studies and that of Languages. 
The Rector has also provided adequate staff training, including Students and Staff Welfare.
Under the watch of the rector, six new programmes were introduced. They include department of Computer Engineering, department of Horticulture, department of Library & Information Science, department of Agricultural Technology, department of Tourism Management and secured accreditation for HND Nutrition and Dietetic. 
Other achievements include renovation of the old School of Preliminary Studies, the Department of Accountancy, old Department of Office Technology Management (OTM), overhaul of the school security system and several other works. 
With the plethora of innovations and many too numerous to mention, it is pertinent to advocate for support for the rector to enable him to concentrate and do more for the growth of the institution.
It is also important to appeal here that Nigerians should accept the appointment and reappointment of Dr. Dzukogi as ordained by God which no man can alter. 
Any effort to alter it means one is indirectly fighting God. This can be deadly.  
The polytechnic community, including both academic and non academic staff, should therefore pat him on the back, to enable him to concentrate and bring out his best for the collective growth of the institution.
Being an indigene of the state and a Nupe by tribe, there is the need for all to relax, seeing that the rector is a brother who will not do anything to the detriment of the tribe, Niger state and Nigeria as a whole.
It is also relevant to stress here that it is God who gives power to whoever He wills at any point in time. 
I, therefore, appeal to all and sundry to join hands to support the Rector for him to succeed, considering that he will not remain in the seat forever. Within the next few years, he will leave and another be appointment to continue from where he stops. 
Therefore, why must any one disturb him/herself considering that it is tenure-based which will eventually expire.  
In 2023, the Rector’s second term will end and another will be appointed. It can be anyone. 
We should all encourage him to actualise his vision and leave a legacy that others can build on. 
The Nupes are well known for always supporting one another wherever they find themselves, the case of Dr. Abubakar Abdul-Dzukogi should not be different. We must rally round him.
In fact, he deserves more of support so that he can concentrate and bring ideas that will improve the institution and by extension, the future of our children, the state and the nation at large.
(Mohammed Baba Busu, write from Abuja)

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